Wer denkt sich eigentlich Farbnamen wie “toter Lachs” aus? Ein Interview mit Charlie Cosby von Farrow & Ball


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Ahoi, ihr Lieben!

Tausend Dank für eure lieben Kommentare und kreativen Namensvorschläge unter meinem letzten Blogpost, in dem ich die fertiggestaltete Ferienwohnung vorgestellt habe. Geworden ist es “Küsten-Cottage”. – Liebe Katharina, eine Mail ist auf dem Weg zu dir ❤️. Einen riesengroßen Dank an alle kreativen Vorschläge. Ich bin ganz platt, wie toll ihr alle seid!

Neben euren kreativen Ergüssen, hat mich der und die ein oder andere auf die besondere Namensgebung der Farrow & Ball*-Farben angeschrieben. Was soll ich sagen?! Ich habe für euch keine Kosten und Mühen gescheut und einmal selbst nachgefasst bei derjenigen, die sich der Namensgebung widmet: Charlie Cosby, Head of Creative, bei Farrow & Ball. (Ich gebe zu, ich liebe ihren Jobtitel jetzt schon.)

Da die Gute in Großbritannien lebt und arbeitet und wir letzte Woche ja auch schon unser linguistisches Können unter Beweis gestellt haben, habe ich das Interview in Englisch geführt. Let’s go!

Charlie, your job title is Head of Creative. That sounds lovely. Could you give us an impression about your daily business at Farrow & Ball?

I’m in one of those jobs where no two days are the same, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. My day can involve anything from trialling new designs and colourways in our wallpaper factory, brainstorming creative ideas with my team, to overseeing our campaign photoshoots and travelling to design shows to research new trends.

I’m interested in your career path? I guess you haven’t studied “Creative”.

I studied Management Science at university and afterwards went straight to work in a bank. As it turns out, I wasn’t that interested in Swiss market intelligence so I packed my bags and headed for an advertising agency in London. There I worked as a planner but soon realised my heart was in creative and I went to work for a freelance interior designer and gallery owner. Finally, at the tender age of 23, I settled at Farrow & Ball. I was like a kid in a sweet shop full of colours and patterns, and I have now spent the last ten years with the brand and seeing it grow.

Farrow & Ball is an internationally known and successful brand. I’m curious: How do other nations deal with colour in their homes? Is there a difference between English and German interior design?

From my travels I noticed slight nuances between countries for example Paris favours grey and the sophisticated palette of Lime White, Old White and Slipper Satin but you also see pops of colour like Charlotte’s Locks. Amsterdam has a tendency to be bolder using colours like Brinjal and bright blues such as Cook’s Blue. Our sales show that in Germany neutrals are really popular but wallpaper choices are amongst the most adventurous! In the UK, we are seeing a trend towards bringing nature into the home so floral wallpapers, greens and yellow are becoming increasing popular.

We choose Dead Salmon for our bedroom. It’s a strange name for a colour. What is your process for choosing paint names?

Many of our colours are historically rooted and their unique colour name chosen to reflect the heritage and inspiration behind the colour. Dead Salmon actually takes its name from a painter’s bill found at Keddleston Hall and refers to the ‘Dead’ matt finish of the Salmon pink colour they had chosen. One of our newer colours, Yeabridge Green was found at Yeabridge House, an 18th Century Georgian Hamstone farmhouse, when the original gun cupboard was removed.

Other colours are named after the colours of nature, Cabbage White, for example is named after the wings of a cabbage white butterfly.  Some colours celebrate our Dorset roots, like Mizzle which is named after the West Country term for the mixture of mist and drizzle.

Several of our colours like Charlotte’s Locks, Savage Ground and Joa’s White are named for people known and loved by Farrow & Ball. Other colours celebrate decorators, colourists and designers that we truly admire, for example Cornforth White which was named for John Cornforth.

Thank you very much for answering my questions.

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Für mehr Transparenz: Dieser Beitrag ist in Kooperation mit Farrow & Ball entstanden. Das Interview habe ich selbst geführt. Farrow & Ball hat uns freundlicherweise die Farben für unsere Ferienwohnung zur Verfügung gestellt.

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